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Sean HetrickThe Sean Hetrick Bereavement Benefit was created to provide financial support to a musician’s immediate family in their time of need. Its intended recipients are either a deceased musician’s immediate family or a musician who has lost an immediate family member.

This benefit was established in memory of local musician Sean Hetrick. Sean’s family and friends organized the “Play A Song Music Festival” as a memorial for Sean in October 2021 and raised nearly $30,000, which was donated to AMFM; in response, the Sean Hetrick Bereavement Benefit was created.

To qualify for the Bereavement Benefit, the musician must [have] (a) reside[d] in the Annapolis area or (b) have a demonstrated or long-term commitment to and involvement in the Annapolis music scene. The Annapolis area is defined as the following zip codes: 21401, 21402, 21403, 21404, 21405, 21409, 21411, 21412, 21012, 21032, 21035, 21037, 21106, and 21140.

The application does not necessarily have to be filled out by an immediate family member or by the bereaved musician; someone else may fill out the application on their behalf, to initiate the process. Applications will be accepted for up to six months after the time of passing.

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