In the Vane of Van Morrison

Thank you for agreeing to perform at the AMFM “In the Vane of the Van Morrison” showcase!

Our goals for this series are to raise money for AMFM and to provide exposure for our talented local musical artists through audience crossover. We do this by having you perform a familiar cover song by Van Morrison and an original composition by you and/or your band mates that is either in the style of or inspired by Van Morrison.

HERE ARE IMPORTANT LOGISTICAL DETAILS (please share this with your band!):

Date: Monday, March 16, 2020

Time: Show begins at 7 PM. Doors open at 6 PM. Please arrive at least 30 to 45 minutes before you are scheduled to perform (as times can change).

Performance schedule: Set times are posted below about a week or two before the show.

Performance Details:

  1. You are asked to play one Van Morrison cover (preferably a song most people know) and one original song in the vein of Morrison (e.g., about the band or their hometown, in their style, or a story of yours involving a song of theirs—anything related to the legend).
  2. Please keep your performance to no longer than TEN minutes. There are many bands, and we don’t want to overwhelm and inconvenience the audience by running late. It’s a lot like guerrilla theatre—plan to be punctual and efficient with your time. Have your instruments tuned before walking on stage, and be ready to plug in and go.
  3. Please announce your songs and identify your original composition, but otherwise keep stage banter to a minimum—we are on a very tight schedule. By participating, you are representing AMFM and the Annapolis music scene, and we want to keep this show all about the music.
  4. To facilitate band transitions, everyone should exit stage right, down the stairs by the front corner of stage.

Backline: We will provide a backline that includes drums, bass amp, keyboard, mics, direct inputs, two guitar amps, and music stands.

Green Rooms: There are two green rooms in the back, by the kitchen. The small one is often used as a holding area for instrument cases. The larger room is primarily for each band to use shortly before its performance, so there is a constant turnover of users in there. We ask that you be mindful of the schedule (posted by the door) and who needs access to the larger room. It gets extremely crowded around the green rooms, so this area is limited to performers only.

Up front, by the stage, there is a green room that is reserved solely for bands that are “on deck” or next up; please be aware of when you need to be in there.

Hospitality: Water and beer will be available in the green room.

Tickets: Tickets are $30 and can be purchased here: . Sadly, we cannot provide comps to performers (doing so would fill up much of the room and defeat the purpose of the fundraiser).

Promotion: Please help promote the concert. The more tickets we sell, the more money we raise for when you need it. Because we’ve already sold about 160 season tickets for this year’s series through a subscription package, the room is over 50% sold out, so encourage your followers to buy tickets as soon as possible. This means there are less than 140 tickets available for the general public for each of these shows.

  1. To invite others to the event using Facebook, use our invite:
  2. Please do not create your own event/invitation, as it causes confusion.
  3. Our Web page is:
  4. AMFM’s Facebook page is:
  5. If you would like a hi-def version of the poster art for your website, e-mail list, or other publicity uses, e-mail Sean at  There is a jpg version will be posted at the bottom of this page.

Finale: Please join in for the finale! It’s arranged, with some solo (or group solo) parts, but is easy and relaxed. We’ll provide lyric sheets. If you are interested in being part of the finale, please e-mail P.J. at The song for this show will be “Brown Eyed Girl”

Feedback: We are always looking for ways to enhance the shows, so if you have feedback, please share—we value your input. We want to continue the series and make each show an event that no one in Annapolis wants to miss!

ANY QUESTIONS? Ask Sean at or P.J. at at

Thank you again for your participation and support of AMFM!

Keep in mind that the majority in this audience are casual fans and not die hards – they prefer to hear the hits or most familiar songs. Here’s a few hits that have not been chosen:

– Queen of the Slipstream
– Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile)
– Have I told You Lately
– Real Real Gone
– Irish Heartbeat
– Brand New Day
– Here Comes The Night (by Them)
– Star of the County Down

Once chosen, please e-mail Sean at

Artist/Song Chosen (A TEN MINUTE SET):

7:03 – 7:05        Intro: “Don’t Start Crying Now” or “Stormy Monday” or “Turn On Your Love Light”

7:05 – 7:15        Johnny Monet – “Moondance”

7:17 – 7:27        Ray Weaver – “Crazy Love”

7:29 – 7:39        Sean Pelan – “Caravan”

7:41 – 7:51        Shawn Owen – “Baby Please Don’t Go”

7:53 – 8:03        Bay Jazz Project – Tupelo Honey

8:05 – 8:15        Larry, Jenn & Johnny O – “Cleaning Windows”

8:17 – 8:27        Davidson Exchange – “I Will Be There”

8:29 – 8:39       40 Dollar Fine – “Bright Side of the Road”

8:41 – 8:51       Timmie Metz – “Into The Mystic:

8:53 – 9:03       Shep Tullier – “And It Stoned Me”

9:05 – 9:15       Wheelhouse – “Wild Nights”

9:17 – 9:27       Radio City – “Domino” / “Days Like This”

9: 29 – 9:39      Dean Rosenthal – “Gloria”

9:39 – 9:44       Finale – “Brown Eyed Girl”

Future Shows

In the Vane of the Beach Boys – June 15

Tickets on sale March 17

Artists / Songs Chosen

Starbelly – “God Only Knows”

Loose Ties –

Back Pages Band – “Sail On Sailor”

The Tambo Band – “Surfin’ USA”

Crosstown – “Good Vibrations”

Tender Polman & Magic Bus – “California Girls”

The Little Surfer Girls – “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

Doug Segree –

Finale – “Sloop John B”

In the Vane of Sun Studios – September 14

Tickets on sale June 16

Artists / Songs Chosen

Dirk & the Truth –

A Hoodoo Few –

Dean Rosenthal – Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (Billy Lee Riley)

Michael K –

Mac & Blue –

Stefan Heuer –

Run Trout Run –

Finale – “Blue Suede Shoes”