An Annapolis Christmas 2019

Welcome to the 2019 An Annapolis Christmas information page!

Our goals for these shows is to ring in the Holiday Season, raise money for AMFM, and to provide exposure for our talented local musical artists through audience crossover.

HERE ARE IMPORTANT LOGISTICAL DETAILS (please share this with your band!):

Date: Monday and Tuesday, December 16 & 17, 2019

Time: Show begins at 7 PM. Doors open at 6 PM. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before you are scheduled to perform (as times can change).

Performance schedule: Set times are posted below about a week or two before the show.

Performance Details:

  1. You are asked to play approximately two songs.
  2. Please keep your performance to no longer than EIGHT minutes. There are many bands, and we don’t want to overwhelm and inconvenience the audience by running late. It’s a lot like guerilla theatre—plan to be punctual and efficient with your time. Have your instruments tuned before walking on stage, and be ready to plug in and go.
  3. Please announce your songs, but otherwise keep stage banter to a minimum—we are on a very tight schedule. By participating, you are representing AMFM and the Annapolis music scene, and we want to keep this show all about the music.
  4. To facilitate band transitions, everyone should exit stage right, down the stairs by the front corner of stage.

Backline: We will provide a backline that includes drums, bass amp, keyboard, mics, direct inputs, two guitar amps, and music stands.

Green Rooms: There are two green rooms in the back, by the kitchen. The small one is often used as a holding area for instrument cases. The larger room is primarily for each band to use shortly before its performance, so there is a constant turnover of users in there. We ask that you be mindful of the schedule (posted by the door) and who needs access to the larger room. It gets extremely crowded around the green rooms, so this area is limited to performers only.

Up front, by the stage, there is a green room that is reserved solely for bands that are “on deck” or next up; please be aware of when you need to be in there.

Hospitality: Hot food and refreshments will be available for all performers.

Tickets: Tickets are $42 and can be purchased here:

Please help us promote the concert to your fans and family. Monday is sold out, but there are still 38 tickets available for Tuesday December 17 as of today, they will probably sell out soon. Sadly, we cannot provide comps or allow guests… there is simply not enough room!

  1. To invite others to the event using Facebook, use our invite:
  2. . Please do not create your own event/invitation, as it causes confusion.
  3. Our Web page is:
  4. AMFM’s Facebook page is:

Finale: Please join in for the finale! It’s arranged, with some solo (or group solo) parts, but is easy and relaxed. We’ll provide lyric sheets. If you are interested in being part of the finale, please e-mail Larry at The song for this show will be Silent Night. Please stick around to sing with us if you can! All are welcome, we will provide lyric sheets!

ANY QUESTIONS? Ask Matt at, or Larry at

Thank you again for your participation and support of AMFM!

Performers for Mon 12/16

7:05 – Naptown Brass Band

7:10 – Matt McConville – Waitin’ on Santa Claus

7:20 – The Geckos – Mary’s Baby Child

7:25 – Jimi Davies – Original

7:30 – Angie Miller and Ben Grant – Baby It’s Cold Outside

7:35 – Meg and Angie – Jingle Bell Rock

7:40 – Meg Murray and Bryan Ewald – XTC, Beach Boys Good Old St. Nick.

7:50 – Kevin Lebling – We Three Kings

7:55 – The Annapolis Vocal Corps – The Christmas Song

8:10 – 8:30 – INTERMISSION

8:35 – Jordan Sokel – Getting Ready for Christmas Day

8:45 – Skribe – Christmas in Prison

8:50 – Gary and Leah – Last Month of the Year

9:00 – Dean Rosenthal – Ry Cooter Denomination Blues, Merry Christmas Baby

9:10 – Steve Cyphers Band – Franz Zappa, James Brown Funky Christmas

9:20 – The Remnants – Little Drummer Boy, an Original

9:30 – East Is East – Medley- Please Come Home for Christmas, Oh Holy Night, ???

9:40 – FINALE

Performers for Tue 12/17:

7:05 – Naptown Brass Band

7:10 – Matt McConville – Waitin’ on Santa Claus

7:20 – Unified Jazz Ensemble – Vince Guaraldi

7:30 – Dan Haas – original + ???

7:40 – Dave Majerowicz – ???

7:50 – Michael K and PJ – Just Ain’t Christmas, Merry Christmas, Go Away

8:00 – Timmie Metz Band – Santa Claus is Comin to Town, Original

8:10 – Jeff and Noelle – White Christmas, All I want for Christmas is You

8:20 – 8:40 INTERMISSION

8:45 – Swampcandy – 2 Originals

8:55 – Larry Lay – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

9:05 – The Big Money Band – Backdoor Santa, Little Ed’s ‘It’s Christmas’

9:15 – Hypnotic Panties – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Hummin to Myself (Christmas version)

9:25 – Higher Hands – Medley Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday > Trim Your Tree > Merry Christmas Baby

9:35 – The Johnny Monet Band – Run, Run, Rudolph + Original

9:45 – FINALE