(1) For purposes of this application, “the Annapolis area” is defined as the following zip codes: 21401, 21402, 21403, 21404, 21405, 21409, 21411, 21412, 21012, 21032, 21035, 21037, 21106, and 21140. Annapolis-area residents may be asked to provide proof of residency.
(2) The AMFM board reserves the right to ask for additional information on any application.
(3) Applications are due by 11:59 PM on January 31, 2021.
(4) If you have any questions about this application, please contact us via email at

A. Contact Information

B. Residency:

List gigs in the box below in the following format: date, venue, venue contact, phone number or email. PLEASE LIST ONE GIG PER LINE.

C. General Statement of Need:

Please explain your current situation, in 250 words or less, including specifics as to how the COVID-19 pandemic and loss of income from music performance has affected you financially. (For example, this could include your ability to pay rent/mortgage or other bills.)

D. Band and Gig Information

E. Income Information

F. Certification and Date

For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 92